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Meet The Team

& check out the BNFX Markets performance stats

What you see is what you get when it comes to the BNFX Team and its Students. We are normal people just like you - we see through the lies plaguing the internet - you know the ones - people flashing their fake Watches, or posing in Ferraris they don't even own. Real traders don't have time for that sh*t! At BNFX we get to the point and we stay honest. Even if that means having to tell students things they don't always want to hear. Remember - we are there to HELP. 


Our performance has to be seen to be believed - EVERY SINGLE trade within our performance report can be seen and verified as a real set up within our Live Trading Group. 


  • Total + Pips 14675

  • Total - Pips 2130

  • Average monthly pip gain 1038

  • Win Rate 86%

  • Average R:R 4:1

  • Average monthly trade set ups 12

  • Over 100% Gains with NO LEVERAGE in 12 months. 

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