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Learning from an expert one to one is far more effective than watching a video course because it allows for personalised attention and feedback. An expert can assess a learner's strengths and weaknesses, provide guidance on specific areas of focus, and tailor the instruction to the learner's individual needs. In contrast, a video course provides a more generalized approach that may not address the learner's specific challenges or questions. Additionally, the interaction with an expert can enhance motivation, clarify misunderstandings, and foster a deeper understanding of the material. Overall, learning from an expert one to one can lead to a more efficient and fulfilling learning experience... learning from 2 experts enhances that benefit. 

NOTE: Enrolment onto this program is subject to application acceptance. 



Learning Ben and Akhis approaches when it comes to trading is just the beginning. Not only will you learn everything that they both use, some of which has never been revealed before, by the end of this phase you will know what pairs and direction to trade on any given day before you even open up the charts



Learning is one thing, trading is another. During this phase accountability will be added . You will be supported as your trade the markets and your trading will be regularly reviewed by Ben and Akhi so your advancement continues during the process. 



Whether you just want to trade for yourself or you want to take your trading career further and manage funds or even help others trade better, we have the blueprint for you to follow and will personally guide you through the development needed to stay on track and reach your goals. 




SESSION 1: Intro session with Ben Nathan to lay out the program plan. (30min)

SESSION 2: Intro session with Akhilesh Kumar to discuss what training will be covered and what ti expect. (30min)


Learning with Ben Nathan

SESSION 1: THE BIG ONE - a day of training with Ben Nathan to go through Fundamentals, Sentiment, Bens Methodology, Risk Control, and Leveraging. (4 - 6 Hours)

SESSION 2: A Review session with Ben to answer any questions and provide and required guidance and clarification. (30 - 60min)


Review and Coach Handover

SESSION 1: A review session with Ben to prepare you for the next phase of the training with Akhi. (30min)

SESSION 2: A Call with both Ben and Akhi to hand you over to the next phase. (30min)


Learning with Akhilesh Kumar

SESSION 1: ANOTHER BIG ONE - A session with Akhi to learn his trading methodologies and to decide which approaches to focus on. (3-4 hours)

SESSION 2: A review session with Akhi to answer and questions and help- with development. (30min)


Coaches review and planning development 

SESSION 1: A session with Ben and Akhi to summarise the program, answer any questions, review your development and to plan your ongoing development over the coming months. (30min)



Included within the program are 14 bolt on coaching sessions that you can use whenever you feel the need . These are 30 minute sessions , 7 of which are with Ben and 7 of which are with Akhi. These sessions can cover anything that you feel you need help or further guidance with.


Please complete the form to apply for a position with our Private Coaching Program.

If accepted, you will be notified via email and a payment link will be sent. 

*Offers valid for 48 hours

There are several things we look for in a suitable candidate in terms of both personality, and affordability. 

Please answer the questions in the application honestly, as this is what we use to determine whether or not you would be well suited to this program. 

Thanks and good luck!

Thanks for submitting!

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